THE PRODUCERS strike again (my code dump is ded)


grumble: Necker, however much I miss saying "Sup my necker?", was a bit much. I can do without it because I see the reason why it's a bad idea. I'm not sure too many were offended but one is enough. Dec 14, 2020 9:53:34 GMT -5
someguy: Was thinking to come back and play as an elf since I won arm as a d elf and later as a c elf... then realized I'd have to revamp my vocabulary now... Dec 18, 2020 14:55:09 GMT -5
jkarr: lol yeah some idiots zoomed in to take offense on behalf of black players who didnt two shits about an ig word that some white ppl decided to treat as an ooc slur fail to split ic from ooc and then have staff cave in to their crying by litrally banning it Dec 18, 2020 17:27:35 GMT -5
Prime Minister Sinister: Happy Christmas you fucking degenerates <3 Dec 25, 2020 22:39:10 GMT -5
Prime Minister Sinister: c: Dec 25, 2020 22:39:11 GMT -5
pinkerdlu: How many of you peasants still play this game? Jan 2, 2021 9:46:42 GMT -5
lefloid: none Jan 3, 2021 6:05:16 GMT -5
lechuck: nope Jan 26, 2021 5:13:59 GMT -5
eru: I remember there was a code leak for Arm. Was there ever a database link? I'd love to get a hold of the room/item/creature descriptions and stats Jan 28, 2021 7:03:03 GMT -5
eru: leak* not link Jan 28, 2021 8:11:51 GMT -5
Prime Minister Sinister: Don't think the database ever got out, unfortunately. Jan 29, 2021 20:12:26 GMT -5
jjhardy: Out of curiosity what exactly does Imbue Totem do? I was reading the thread and I was curious. Feb 1, 2021 19:55:06 GMT -5
lefloid: Lets you cast with hands full. Imbue a sword and shield and you can cast with em in hand. Apr 2, 2021 7:59:17 GMT -5
gloryhound: Hey, Halaster is back on staff. Maybe he'll stir the pot. May 17, 2021 12:58:24 GMT -5
kannot: someone want to drop some spicey ways to make big bux in the current meta? Jul 26, 2021 4:30:45 GMT -5
thesandlady: Spicey ways to make big bux? Don't tell arm staff or they will nerf it.... ok so here it is! forage spice;etwo sifter;use sifter deposit;profit
Jul 28, 2021 20:08:17 GMT -5
thesandlady: Remember, don't let this get out or everyone will do it and then staff will nerf it. Jul 28, 2021 20:08:43 GMT -5
thesandlady: Surgeon General Warning: Spice is bad for you. Jul 28, 2021 20:09:38 GMT -5 *
ShaLeah: The cracks begin to show. Aug 12, 2021 14:59:50 GMT -5
terminal: The cracks are from the earthquake event ShaLeah. Aug 15, 2021 18:43:36 GMT -5