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pinkerdlu: They truly are some based gamers. Also: +1 for players who can string a sentence together leaving Armageddon for somewhere they aren't shit on May 11, 2020 16:18:49 GMT -5
anaiahlation: best app background ever: *** is a sociopath. *** likes to see things suffer. ***'s developed a taste for blood. May 15, 2020 1:09:05 GMT -5
jkarr: name: dextamos May 15, 2020 6:13:17 GMT -5
nile: the only apoc drama be on an arm drama website. lol May 16, 2020 20:30:49 GMT -5
nile: almost guarantee arm staff are LOVING this. hahaha. long as the game is good fun it's all a bit irrelevant. but the anti-arm crew giving the arm staff some sense of schadenfreude based purely a forum for whining made me lol May 16, 2020 20:32:52 GMT -5
nile: Also, been playing Arm again on an alt account (omfg their ban was easy to get around...and tbh i have more fun in apoc) May 16, 2020 20:34:00 GMT -5
vex: Bans are irrelevant, and pointlessly antagonistic. The only game I play, where staff address problems with aggression, bans, and down talk, is Arm. The rest have realized, all that results in, is a bitter player, more inclined towards "revenge" play. May 19, 2020 19:20:02 GMT -5
vex: Better to incentivize ideal play and behavior, than try and fail to intimidate and leverage empty threats, because nobody is intimidated by an angry elf fetishist on the internet, and there are virtually no threats a player can't circumvent, easily. May 19, 2020 19:23:36 GMT -5
baobob: Arm turned to condemnation, punishment and vengeful retribution against players pretty hard long, long ago. Never turned back. May 22, 2020 20:17:04 GMT -5
dotto: is this game still even operating Jun 6, 2020 10:25:56 GMT -5
Lizzie: i didnt know about apocalypse till today, and im probably not going to ever give it a shot after seeing the last few posts in that thread Jun 8, 2020 3:04:14 GMT -5
jkarr: their gain :D Jun 8, 2020 20:10:10 GMT -5
ppurg pallbearer: Imagine thinking that something with 0 players could have a gain Jun 10, 2020 18:46:28 GMT -5
jkarr: imagine thinking a game with players who debate it has 0 players Jun 10, 2020 19:30:52 GMT -5
terminal: YIKES Jun 10, 2020 19:31:44 GMT -5 *
Lizzie: that's harsh bro im not the real lizzie Jun 10, 2020 21:10:49 GMT -5
jkarr: oh shit well that was an ugly mask then lol Jun 10, 2020 21:44:17 GMT -5
ppurg pallbearer: I'm sorry. 3 players Jun 11, 2020 13:09:14 GMT -5
pinkerdlu: DUDE! THEY HAD 4 PLAYERS ONLINE LAST WEEK! STOP HATING! gawd Jun 13, 2020 23:04:39 GMT -5
jkarr: way to log on pink :D Jun 14, 2020 0:15:28 GMT -5