MUD code considerations


qwerty: and if someone is unexplainably hostile to you for no good reason. Chalk it off to being an asshole and slit their throat Sept 5, 2019 12:41:42 GMT -5
qwerty: All in all, in my observation. OOC relativity comes about cliques, then hostility. As in, players might not care if you offed their previous character. But they might like and include another PC whom they talk to more often ooc. Sept 5, 2019 12:42:44 GMT -5
qwerty: But again. You cant control it. Cant prove it. The nagging suspicion will ruin your gameplay. I just try not to worry about it and react to the gameworld events as if there is no ooc influence. Doing anything else makes for a really shitty experience Sept 5, 2019 13:01:26 GMT -5
delerak: yep Sept 5, 2019 13:04:00 GMT -5
delerak: i agree Sept 5, 2019 13:04:04 GMT -5
purgpurgpurg: >dude just forget about the OOC cliques who are out to exploit the game, win, and kill you. you'll have more fun! Sept 5, 2019 17:00:15 GMT -5
qwerty: Ironically. Yes Sept 5, 2019 17:45:47 GMT -5
qwerty: You cant stop people from talking ooc. And if people talk ooc, it's bound to happen that they cooperate ooc. Or ... or not. But you wont know and therefore, you'll suspect. And this suspicion will kill the game for you. Sept 5, 2019 17:46:21 GMT -5
qwerty: 4/5 times someone rages against staff, staff had nothing to do with it. It's just number one suspicion people go to. Sept 5, 2019 17:47:19 GMT -5
mehtastic: Ignorance is bliss. Sept 5, 2019 17:50:44 GMT -5
pinkerdlu: Indeed. Sept 5, 2019 18:16:13 GMT -5
delerak: I recently accused staff of some nonsense. They showed me the log and I felt embarrassed. It's hard to shake the paranoia of days gone by when you were slayed by staff for going afk and using a script to forage wood. Sept 5, 2019 18:32:02 GMT -5
jkarr: look east. near: agafari forest. far: agafari forest. very far: the ghost of halaster is here grinning evilly Sept 5, 2019 22:30:43 GMT -5
delerak: correct Sept 6, 2019 7:28:16 GMT -5
qwerty: Biiiittteeeer Sept 21, 2019 12:31:42 GMT -5
qwerty: come and play with us Sept 21, 2019 12:31:45 GMT -5
Prime Minister Sinister: any links to the code leak download up? Sept 26, 2019 15:04:25 GMT -5
mehtastic: I posted it on the Discord server a long time ago, but unfortunately I don't use Discord much anymore. If you can get a Discord invite you can get the code, probably. Sept 26, 2019 19:33:50 GMT -5
qwerty: ask jcarter. I think he's giving it away Sept 27, 2019 17:34:42 GMT -5
mehtastic: I am back on Discord. If you want a copy of the code dump, join the shadowboard Discord and ask, or DM me: meh#0490. Feel free to DM if you feel addicted to Armageddon and want help detaching yourself from it, too. Oct 10, 2019 9:01:42 GMT -5